Marin FC Payroll Report

Marin FC Payroll Report

  • Please identify the person reporting payroll/expenses. If the reporting person is not listed, please use VIP and enter your name into Notes at the bottom of form.
    This is mandatory.
  • Please identify the team for this report of payroll/expenses?
  • Please identify the coach for which you are reporting payroll/expenses. If the coach is not listed, please contact
  • Please indicate which month this payroll/expenses report covers.
  • Please indicate which month this payroll/expenses report covers.

    Input the number of hours per type in the areas below. "0" is required if no hours are reported.
  • Exact number of hours for training sessions during the month.
  • Exact number of hours for games during the month. Reminder games are calculated as whistle to whistle real time plus 1 hour (45 minutes for warm ups/preparstion and 15 minutes for post game).
  • Hours spent driving for any event outside of the 35 mile home radius (from Bon Air Center).
  • Hours spent flying. Reminder: Flying hours are gate to gate time of the flight plus 2.5 hours.
  • Hours spent in meetings required of the coach by either the team or club.
  • Hours spent preparing player evaluations (maximum 1 hour per player annually (2 evaluations at 30 minutes maximum each).

    Input the number of ROUNDTRIP miles below to be reimbursed ($.50/mile). Reminder: Mileage is ONLY applicable to trips to destinations/events further than 35 miles (one way) away from Bon Air Center, Greenbrae.
  • TRIP #1:

  • TRIP #2:

  • TRIP #3:

  • Please do not request other expense reimbursements in this field. Please send an email with receipts.